Uniforms will be worn in Afghanistan to help troops cope with the new fighting season, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has announced.

The British Forces have been training Afghan soldiers in Aot training and the military said on Wednesday they would be sent to the country for a full year of training.

But a senior British official said the new uniforms were not yet in place and that more information would be available at a later date.

“The Government has committed to training more than 150,000 Afghan National Army soldiers and will be providing the necessary training support and equipment,” the Defence Secretary said in a statement.

“We are making a significant investment in our security cooperation with the Afghan government and will provide the Afghans with training support in accordance with their training requirements and the training needs of the Afghan security forces.”

He said the military would provide the Afghan National Security Forces with a training plan for a year.

“These Afghan National Guard soldiers will be trained in an innovative way to support Afghan National security forces in the areas of combat, logistics and air support, and to provide an additional level of support for the Afghan police and national security forces.”

They will be provided with training on the latest technology to help them maintain their standards and equipment while being ready to deploy into the field at any time.” 

It is unclear how many British troops will be deployed to Afghanistan but the move was welcomed by the Afghan Ministry of Defence.”

Aot training is a welcome addition to the Afghan forces’ training and is a positive step towards building a more stable and secure Afghanistan,” the Ministry of Defense said in an emailed statement.

Mr Hammond said that while the decision was made before the election, he had “been watching closely” to see how the Afghan people would respond to the new deployment.”

I will continue to monitor developments in Afghanistan and will work closely with the Prime Minister to ensure that we are fully committed to the security of Afghanistan, its people and the international community,” he said.