The Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles have a new look this year, with a number of new uniforms that the Browns will wear on the field and on the sidelines.

According to multiple reports, the Browns are getting rid of some old uniforms, while the Eagles will have some new ones as well.

Here are the uniforms that will be worn on the sideline, and the new ones that will appear on the FieldTurf.

#Browns — Cleveland Browns (@Browns) September 28, 2019The new uniforms are expected to debut sometime during the second half of the season, with the first two games set for Week 3 and 4.

The Browns also have a number new jerseys that are scheduled to be released, including the uniforms from last season, and there are also new jerseys for the Eagles.

There is a good chance that the new uniforms for the two teams will look pretty similar, which is what you would expect from a team that has been using uniforms for more than a decade.

The Browns uniforms from this past season were one of the most distinctive on the NFL, and they have been one of, if not the most well-known of all the teams.

The Eagles uniforms were a bit of a mixed bag, but they also have had some notable issues in recent years.

One of the biggest is that they had some uniforms that weren’t very good, and some uniforms had issues with a little bit of an uneven feel.

There are also reports that the jerseys from last year have been replaced with a different uniform, which was expected to be a more modern look.

If the Eagles uniforms don’t look quite as good as they did last year, they have the best chance of making the playoffs this year.

There is a decent chance that they could even win the division this year and potentially go to the Super Bowl.

The other teams that have the chance of winning the division and going to the playoffs have a lot of competition for the first wildcard spot.

The other teams who are expected get some significant help in the offseason as well, as some of the NFL’s biggest players are set to retire.

There are rumors that there will be a new owner in Philadelphia, and it looks like he will be looking for a lot to sell to make up for lost revenue.

The Eagles will likely need to sell some of their assets in order to pay for the new owner, and that could put some pressure on the Browns to make some changes to their uniforms and uniforms.

This will likely be the first time that the Eagles have worn uniforms since the franchise moved to the NFL in 1995.

That was also the first season that they wore their uniforms on the road.

If you have never seen the new look before, it might be a bit confusing, but there are plenty of great examples of how uniforms can look like this in other professional sports.

The only way to truly know for sure is to watch the game on a big screen.

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