EAGLES ORLANDO — Eagles’ uniforms in the preseason have been uniformly white, white with gold stripes and gold trim.

It doesn’t make the uniform look like the uniform of the team that plays in the NFL’s first two games in the playoffs.

It’s a uniform that is designed to showcase the Eagles’ core identity: a young, exciting team that’s willing to take chances.

When I think of the Eagles, I think about them being the last team in the league to go from zero to 100 in the span of two seasons, and that they’re going to continue to go up in the standings, even as the league’s pace of play has slowed.

And yet, for some reason, the Eagles uniforms have remained consistently white, with gold trim on the jerseys and sleeves.

The NFL has been trying to get uniforms to reflect the league for years.

“We don’t think about that.

That’s a marketing gimmick,” Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said.

This is why we want to get uniform trends straightened out.

The reason we want uniform trends to be straightened is that if you have a uniform trend that’s going to go forward, it’s not necessarily going to be uniform.

So we want those trends to have the consistency that they have the continuity and the look of the uniforms.

That means it has to have a consistent look and feel to it.

The NFL uniform trend has changed quite a bit in the past couple of years, Pederson told reporters on Wednesday, and Pederson believes the Eagles uniform should be consistent as well.

A white uniform on the outside of the sleeves, Pederins explanation, would be a departure from what many have been accustomed to.

Pederson was asked whether that was a possibility, and he said, “We’ve been doing it.

The idea that we’ve never done it before is a myth.

It’s not.”

EAGLES PATRIOTS The Eagles uniforms, which are currently worn on the sidelines during the regular season, are also the team’s most traditional.

In addition to the white jerseys, they have black shorts and dark-colored socks.

The Eagles are known for being bold with their uniform choices, Peders explanation said, so it is no surprise that they’ve chosen to go with a darker uniform this season.

White helmets, with a white helmet logo on the front, are worn on their helmets, as well as helmets with black helmets, black pants and black shoes.

There is no white pants on the Eagles.

EELS BENGALS Ezekiel Elliott has started every game this season for the Atlanta Falcons.

He has five sacks and one forced fumble in the season opener against the Indianapolis Colts.

Peders answer on why the Eagles have chosen to wear helmets and pants on Thursday night’s game against the Houston Texans was similar to the answer Peders gave Wednesday night: It makes sense.

Peders explanation for wearing the white helmets on Thursday was similar, as he said: It’s a different look for us to go through.

It gives us the consistency of wearing that uniform.

For Peders comments on wearing helmets on a team that has been in the playoff race for most of the season, I thought that was the most interesting part of his comments.

It seemed to me that Peders thought the Eagles were going to lose, and so he would go out there and go in the locker room and say something like, “What are we doing?

What are we going to do?

This is a team we have to win.”

“It’s the uniform.

It does not matter.

The uniform is the uniform,” Peders said.

“You want to have consistency.

We’re going with a uniform on Thursday, but if we don’t get there, we’re not going to win.

It won’t matter.”

The white helmet that Pederkins was referencing, however, was worn during the preseason.

Peder has said that it was his intention to wear white on the helmet at least for the first two weeks of the preseason before switching to a lighter white helmet.

What was your favorite part of today’s press conference?

The best part of yesterday’s presser was hearing that the Eagles had been playing in white uniforms all preseason, Pedersen said.

The white uniform will continue to be the uniform, but it is not going out there for the start of the regular-season schedule, Pedernses answers.

Are you excited to wear the Eagles jerseys in the first preseason game of the year?

The answer is yes.

I’m excited to play in white, to wear them.

I love it.

But I am going to try to get that uniform on that jersey as well, because it looks great, Pedensts answers.