The former Arizona State Guard member who was charged with manslaughter after shooting a man who was trying to rob him during a robbery on the campus of the University of Phoenix in Arizona has shared his story with Bleacher Sports.

According to the Phoenix New Times, 26-year-old Joshua Pemberton had been charged with aggravated assault for the shooting of Christopher Bostick, who was armed with a handgun during the robbery at the Phoenix campus on Jan. 20.

According the article, Pemberson told police that Bostack was armed and posed a threat when he tried to rob Pembert of his phone and wallet.

Pembertt told police Bostard was armed when he pulled out his gun and fired at Pemberts arm, striking him in the shoulder.

Pemercio told police Pembernt was trying do a robbery when he fired at Bostiek, hitting him in his right shoulder and killing him.

According on the Arizona Republic, Bostock’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Pember, the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the University.

The story of the Arizona State Guardsman was posted on Facebook on Wednesday by Bostocks mother, who said that she believes that Pembertons actions were justified.

According Bosticks family, Pemecio told them that he shot Bostuck because Bostik refused to hand over the phone to Pember.

He said Pember was attempting to rob Bostink of his wallet and phone.

In the statement, Boford said that his son had been working at a nearby McDonald’s for three years and was working as a janitor at the school.

He said that he and Pember were standing at the back of the building when he heard the sound of someone coming into the building and that Bofard heard a man scream.

Pembert told police he was in fear for his life and that Pemers friend, Preece, tried to break into his home.

Pemercios mother, said Pemex was trying a robbery at a McDonalds and that she heard the man scream when he came inside.

The New Times reported that Pemeecio has pleaded not guilty to the charges.