The Government has just released its new National Insurance statistics for employers.

 The new figures show that the National Minimum Wage is $15.85 an hour (approximately £13.50) and National Living Wage is around $15 per hour (around £12.75) for full-time and part-time workers.

As well as this, the minimum wage for all workers aged 18 to 64 is $8.80 per hour.

In comparison, the average Australian earns around $17.50 an hour.

National Insurance is a statutory tax which is collected from employers.

The Government says the data show that an average employer pays around $14.00 an hour in National Insurance to its employees.

However, it is unclear if this is just an average or is an indication of actual wages paid by the average employer.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has published its National Minimum and Living Wage Estimates for 2015-16, which have been updated to take into account the changes in the Australian Capital Territory.

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