The uniform worn by police officers in the United States has long been a subject of debate, as some have pointed to the image of police officers wearing their uniforms as a symbol of their commitment to the community.

While it is technically legal for police officers to wear their uniforms, the uniform is considered to be the most personal item a police officer carries in their personal belongings.

While police officers can choose to wear the uniform in any city or state they choose, the public is encouraged to purchase their own uniform for public use.

While many officers may wear their own uniforms in their everyday attire, it is not uncommon for police uniforms to be worn by members of the public in places such as museums, community centers and on public transportation.

There are several ways to purchase your own subway uniform.

Metro Police, who own the trademark for the word “Metro,” will also sell its own subway uniforms.

Metro police uniforms can be purchased online, in stores and at department store stores, and can be used to make your own customized uniforms.

The uniform is not required to be a Metro uniform and can also be made to look like other uniform designs, such as the NYPD or the National Guard.

It is recommended that officers wear the correct Metro uniform.

The Metro uniform comes in many colors, including navy blue, orange, white, red, green, yellow, yellow light blue and blue, according to Metro police.

The officers can also choose from the blue and white color combinations for a more unique look.

Metro officers also have a “black” version of their uniform.

These uniforms can have white or black piping.

If the officer chooses to wear this type of uniform, they will be asked to remove the piping on the back of the uniform.