A new uniform has been designed for the NBA’s next season.

The league announced the new uniforms are based on the NBA Basketball Uniform Standards adopted by the NBA in 2016.

The new uniforms were designed by NBA design house, R&ampersand are based off of the design of the NBA Championship Game uniforms.

The new uniforms have the NBA Champion logo on the shoulders and a basketball shield on the waistband.

The logo on both shoulders and the waist band is red and has a black background.

The shield is red with white highlights and black stripes.

The shield is attached to the front of the jersey with a buckle, which has the words “NBA Champion” written in black on the inside.

The jersey is made from a material that is lightweight and breathable, and has stretch mesh front and back panels.

The team has two black uniforms, one white jersey and one black uniform.

The NBA Championship uniforms are made from synthetic fabrics, and feature a white background.

The black jersey is used in the 2017 Finals, while the white jersey is worn in the 2018 NBA Championship.

The 2018 NBA championship jerseys feature a new color scheme, which is white with a black stripe.

The 2018 white jersey has a white stripe.

The next two seasons will feature a variety of uniform variations, including the black jersey and white jersey.