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This week’s post covers the new Navy uniforms.

The new Navy uniform is designed to be a nod to the old military uniform, which was used for decades and was worn for decades by the military.

It features a navy blue and gray color scheme with white piping, and it has a navy-red trim on the waistband.

The new Navy Navy uniform also has a gold trim on all sides of the collar.

On the shoulder, the navy blue stripes are replaced with a navy and gray stripe with white trim on each side.

The piping on the shoulders and on the sleeves is a subtle nod to old-school uniforms that had the piping on both sides of each sleeve.

For the back, the new uniform features a gold and gray band, which has been used since the 1940s.

The gold piping on each sleeve and the gold piping around the neck and the chest is a nod toward old-timey-style uniforms that used a gold piping in place of white.

As a nod back to old military uniforms, the Navy has used the old Navy colors in the sleeves of the uniform.

There is a black piping in the chest area.

This navy blue, gray, and white trim is also a nod towards military uniforms that were worn by both men and women, and in the sleeve and in each arm.

Another nod to military uniforms is the navy and gold piping at the cuff of the new navy uniform.

This piping was used in the Army’s standard Army patch that goes from the left sleeve to the right shoulder.

Finally, the old navy and navy-gray trim is worn on the front of the pants, the bottom of the shorts, the back of the shoes, and on both the chest and the thigh.

You can see a preview of the Navy uniforms here: