The Lakers are the perfect example of the way sports marketing is evolving.

In recent years, the team has made it a mission to get the most relevant uniforms in front of the right people, with a clear message and purpose.

This year, the Lakers have the luxury of choosing the perfect uniform for the upcoming season, and the uniforms have to be the most affordable option for the team.

The uniform concept is the first step toward bringing the Lakers’ unique brand to life.

The first iteration of the uniforms was designed by the famed Nike designer Frank O’Connor.

This design has gone on to be worn by a number of NBA teams.

The latest iteration, created by Nike’s footwear brand, is the newest incarnation of the iconic uniforms.

The uniforms are the culmination of years of work by Nike, Adidas and L’Oréal.

With the new designs, the NBA will get more than 20 different colors, featuring a wide variety of logos and patterns, in the upcoming 2019-2020 season.

The most notable difference between this new design and the first Nike version is the “B” in the logo.

The “B,” a “Belt” logo, is one of the most iconic symbols in sports.

The new design has a more subdued look with a “T” in front.

The white stripes are also a more modern take on the traditional “T,” but Nike said they were inspired by the NBA’s iconic “B.”

While the “T’s” are no longer a part of the logo, they are still present on the uniforms, and they feature a unique design element that is unique to the Nike uniforms.

For example, the white stripes on the Lakers uniforms will match the stripes on Kobe Bryant’s signature shoes.

Nike also took the opportunity to introduce a new Nike-designed helmet for the Lakers.

The helmet features a redesigned visor and is similar to the “W” of the new logo.

“The new Nike uniforms will be the best-looking, most authentic, and most affordable we’ve ever created,” Nike’s Chief Operating Officer, Todd Harrison, said.

“They are also the best way to get a look at how the new Lakers uniforms are going to look in the season ahead.”

While all the major NBA teams have made the uniforms their goal, the “Franchise” logo on the back of the jerseys was chosen because it symbolizes the NBA and is one step closer to becoming a unified league.

“The Franchise” was designed to represent the “Lakers” brand and to represent a fan’s relationship with the team, Harrison said.

It also symbolizes how the fans are part of building a franchise, he added.

“Our brand is part of our identity, and it’s important that we continue to have fans who support us.”

The new designs have been designed with the fan in mind.

The primary goal is to make sure the uniform is comfortable and durable for the average fan.

This is accomplished by utilizing a stretchy, soft fabric that is designed to fit over the head.

The pants, shorts and jersey are also stretchy to give the uniforms a snug fit, which will help keep fans warm and comfortable during games.

The “Bolt” design is a nod to the team’s history, and Harrison said it’s the most unique element of the uniform design.

The jersey is also designed with a bolt-in design that looks like the lightning bolt from the “M” in “Star Wars.”

“The ‘Bolt’ is a lightning bolt on the front of a jersey,” Harrison said, “so it’s a lightning-shaped lightning bolt with the letter ‘L.'”

The “G” on the jersey is a “Gee” that has become a symbol of the franchise and the Lakers, Harrison explained.

It symbolizes that this jersey represents the fans.

The team has designed the “Ges” on each side of the jersey to remind fans of the team and the fans of Los Angeles.

The most unique aspect of the “Rings” logo is its placement on the helmet.

The “Ge” on this jersey is the same letter that “R” is on the “Star” logo. “

It’s a great symbol for us, because we’re trying to get fans to love our team, which is the Lakers.”

The “Ge” on this jersey is the same letter that “R” is on the “Star” logo.

“We’ve created a whole different vibe, a new look for our logo,” Harrison added.

The new uniforms are scheduled to debut at Staples Center on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2020.

The official start of the season will take place on March 11.

The Lakers will begin play against the Los Angeles Clippers at 8 p.m.


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