Atlanta has the largest collection of uniform designs, and it’s not just the team’s primary logo.

For the first time ever, Atlantans new home uniforms have a home sponsor.

The team will unveil its new home jersey on Wednesday, July 17.

The jerseys are available for purchase on the team website at a price of $149.95.

The jersey will feature the Coyotes current logo on the front and a new design on the back.

The front features the “C” on the shoulder, the word “Atlas” on top, and a logo of a cross over the Coyotes logo on top.

The back features the same logo, but the word Coyotes is also visible.

Both jerseys are set to be worn by the Coyotes starting next season.

The Coyotes have made a habit of wearing their jerseys in their home arena, the Ice Arena, which is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix.

That home jersey will also be used at all home games.

The Coyotes will have the option of wearing any jersey from the home collection.

But for now, it will be up to the players and coaches to decide which uniforms they want to wear in the future.