The NBA is trying to figure out how to get its players to wear the uampan uniform, the school uniform that the University of Arizona is using to promote itself.

The NBA is also using the school uniforms to promote the league’s own products.

And the uniforms could be used to promote some of the league teams uniforms as well.

According to’s Zach Lowe, there are three options for the league to go with.

One option would be to simply keep the uniforms on the sidelines and wear them to games.

This would allow the league not only to promote its products but also allow the teams to sell merchandise in conjunction with the uniforms.

The other option would give fans the option to wear them, but only to the players.

The third option would just have players wearing the uniforms for the games.

Here’s what the league could do with the jerseys:The uampans jersey is used for its apparel and for other things, such as the official mascot.

The players wear it to practice and games.

They’re not wearing it for any official business purpose, such a press conference.

But the league can use it to promote all sorts of things that the players wear.

If the players are asked to wear it at a press event or a charity event, they could wear it.

The uamps uniform could be worn to the team’s game against Washington on Thursday.

The game is in Tucson, Arizona.

The uniforms could also be used at a variety of other times, such the Utes’ home games and the game against the San Antonio Spurs.

In the end, the league has no choice but to use the uniforms in some capacity.

But there’s no telling how long it will take to make it happen.

The NBA and its teams don’t have the resources to do this alone.

The idea for the uniforms came from the players themselves, who were looking for ways to make their uniforms even more appealing.

So they came up with the idea to use a new logo, which they then put into place.

The new logo is a graphic that’s similar to a “G” on the front of a basketball.

The new logo was created to highlight the uamps uniforms, but the team decided to keep it a secret until they were ready to reveal it.

And they kept the design a secret from fans until after they announced the uniforms were ready.

Here is how the logo looks on the ups jersey.

If they put a graphic like this on the jersey, you’d have a different look.

But they decided to go the other way.

They chose to go for a subtle design, which was going to be used for the team logo on jerseys.

And then when the jerseys went on sale, they decided that it would be a bit more prominent on the backs of jerseys.