When it comes to military uniforms, the Confederate soldier uniform has been one of the most popular and most enduring.

But when it comes for women, the issue is not so simple.

In an effort to educate women about the uniform they wear, the publique service department is offering discounts for women to get the right combination of uniforms, services, and accessories to make their way through the Army.

The service department’s new “Uniform for All” initiative, launched in February 2017, will provide women with discounts on the following uniforms:Men’s service uniform with a red ribbon, or the Navy’s Navy Blue ribbon, and an emblem on the front of the uniform Men’s service service uniform, with a silver or gold ribbon, a gold plating, or a gold patch Men’s military service uniform (military service vest), with a navy blue or navy blue-striped tie, a navy plating and a gold-stamped sealMen’s military uniform, including the Army, Air Force, and Marines uniforms, including a red, gold, or black-striping jacket, and a navy patch on the jacketMen’s uniform with gold-colored sleeves, a silver, or gold-plating, a yellow patch, or two gold starsMen’s combat uniform with an eagle, an eagle-ringed cross, or an eagle on the shoulder or armMen’s Army uniform with two gold star patches, gold stars, or both on the sleeveMen’s Navy uniform with four gold stars and a yellow stripeMen’s Marine Corps uniform with three gold stars Men’s Army Uniform with four starsMens uniform with the gold star, or eagle-shaped crossMen’s Marines uniform with silver starsMen have been awarded discounts on their uniforms at their local Publique in the past.

In February, for example, a woman who had ordered the Navy Blue uniform was able to get discounts on her purchase, and in March, a man who had purchased the Army uniform was also able to make the purchase.

The effort to improve women’s uniforms is also focused on making sure the military service uniforms women wear are uniform that are appropriate for the day.

“We are focused on trying to improve the service uniforms that are out there for women,” said Stephanie Gershon, vice president of operations at the publique service department.

The new program also offers discounts on other uniform styles.

For example, men’s combat service uniform is being offered at an annual rate of $110.

For women, it is being priced at $75.

Men’s infantry uniform is priced at an average of $75, and for women at $70.

The promotions are offered at participating Publiques, which have been chosen based on a “lifestyle assessment,” according to the service department, and are subject to the availability of the products.

“It is also the duty of the department to maintain consistency across the publices,” Gershom said.

The department also offers a selection of military-themed accessories.

The department offers men’s camouflage and camouflage pants and shirts, as well as a men’s leather jacket and cap.

Women’s military uniforms also have an “uniform” that is the same as the “unusual” and “unisex” versions.

The efforts are part of a larger effort by Publiqués to address the issues of gender and the military, Gershon said.

“There are so many things that need to be done, from the delivery of the product to the delivery to the retention of the customer,” she said.