Walmart has been under fire for allegedly violating child labor laws, with the company facing multiple lawsuits.

But the company’s employees aren’t being paid for doing their jobs.

Walmart is the only major retailer in the U.S. that doesn’t pay its employees for their time at stores, and Walmart’s own employees have been caught on video beating up customers.

The company said it’s working to end the practice.

But for those who are still caught up in the Walmart labor dispute, here are some tips to help you get rid of the Walmart uniform you’re paying for.1.

Use a coupon or offer.

Walmart employees often use coupons or offer to give away their uniforms at discounted prices.

But they can’t just sell them on Craigslist.

Here are some ways to save money on your Walmart uniform.


Get a discount Walmart offers coupons for many items, including diapers, shampoo, and hair conditioners.

They are usually a good deal if you buy a large item, like diapers.


Shop in the holiday season.

Walmart offers a special sale on select items during the holiday shopping season, when shoppers tend to spend the least.

If you need a discount, consider using Walmart coupons or a credit card offer, or shop online.4.

Shop online.

You can also shop online for specific items and save up to 40 percent off retail prices.

For example, if you want a pair of socks, try getting the size down to the nearest 2.5 inches or the size you need.5.

Shop on

Some Walmart stores also offer online shopping.

Here’s a great place to shop: Walmart.

Com Walmart.

Store Walmart.

Mobile Walmart.

Wix Walmart.

Google Walmart.

Amazon Walmart.CVS Walmart.

Bayer Walmart.

Macy’s Walmart.

Target The Walmarts offer a variety of products, but most of them have a low price point.

Some of the best deals are available online, but Walmart employees also offer special deals.