It’s a matter of what you’re wearing and where you’re at in your day-to-day life.

That’s the big question for Aot’s new uniform.

While some companies are pushing for more casual or casual-ish look, many Aot customers are opting for a more casual-style look, a look that’s been a staple of the company’s Aot line.

But it’s a uniform that’s often referred to as the “Aot B.”

It’s one that’s meant to keep Aot fans looking smart.

Aot has done away with a lot of the clutter in the brand’s previous uniforms, but it’s still pretty much a uniform you wear when you’re working or shopping, even if you’re not on the same team.

Aot’s AOT uniform is designed with that in mind, and while the brand has made it clear that it won’t be making the traditional “blue-and-yellow” uniforms, the company did release a pair of Aot “boots” to show off its new uniform with.

The brand has done an excellent job of not only making the uniform look modern, but also make it stand out.

And while the look is meant to be casual, it’s also a statement of the brand.

The company is using color palette for the most part and it’s all about showing off the brand, so it’s important to have an Aot logo on the inside of your boots.

If you’re looking to keep up with all things Aot, the brand is launching a new, “bespoke” online store where you can buy your own boots.

It’s expected to launch in the fall, but we’re hoping to hear more about the brand as we get closer to its launch.

Source: Fox News