When you’re about to start a new job, there are things you should know about your new employer before you even open the door.1.

You’ll need to have an internet connectionThe most important thing about having a job is that you have internet access.2.

You can’t wear the same uniform over and overYou can wear your uniform to work but not at school.3.

You have to wear a shirtYour job is not just about getting paid.

You also need to wear your job-related clothes.4.

You’re not allowed to wear jeansYour work can be a big responsibility, and your job as a youth football coach means you have to keep the uniform you wear on your back.5.

You need to take a showerEvery time you wear a jumper, T-shirt, or sweatshirt you need to wash it, as well as your uniform.6.

You must wear a hatYour job as youth football manager means you need a hat, and you have until September 1 to wear one.7.

You should wash your hair every dayYou’ll need your hair combed once a week to keep your hair tidy, but it’s best to wash every day.8.

You cannot wear socksThe number one thing to remember when you’re in the job market is to wear socks, and it’s important that you do.9.

You will need to use a phoneIf you have a phone, you should also be wearing a phone.10.

You are required to use the internetYou are required, however, to use social media sites.11.

You won’t be able to use mobile phonesIt is important to have a good mobile network, and to avoid using your phone on the weekends, especially if you work from home.12.

You aren’t allowed to use iPadsThe iPad is banned from the office, but if you do use your iPad on the job, you will need a supervisor to give it back.13.

You may need to go back to schoolYou can’t work as a student coach while studying for a licence.14.

You MUST have a job offerThere are many options available for employment.

You could take a job as an apprentice, but you may also be looking for a job that will allow you to work as an assistant coach.15.

You CAN wear your T-ShirtIf you’re planning on wearing your uniform for a long time, you might need to get one of these.16.

You don’t need a work permitThere are some restrictions on what you can do on the workplace, but most young people have a valid work permit.17.

You MAY need to be supervisedYou can get supervised leave if you are being supervised for a period of time, but a supervisor will be required to attend the training.18.

You NEED to wear proper shoesYou can expect to be required at the start of the year to wear shoes that are designed for people wearing size 5.0.19.

You WILL need to make sure your home has a washing machineYou will need an old washing machine.20.

You HAVE to wear glovesYou are not allowed in your home to wash your hands, and they should be worn in the office.21.

You ARE allowed to eat your lunchThe most essential thing about your job is food, and so it’s critical that you’re prepared for a busy workplace.22.

You SHOULD be able take a bathYou should also wash your clothes, but be careful to avoid getting dirty, as you may need a bath.23.

You DO NOT have to take part in any training sessionsIf you are not a student, you can’t participate in any work-related training sessions, such as those held by the police or school counsellors.24.

You DON’T have to sign off on any emailsYou are also not required to sign any emails.