Polygon’s staff will be posting all of the uniforms for all 15 teams, starting on April 10.

The New England team will be debuting its new uniforms this year.

The team will debut in the NFL’s new stadium at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

We’ve put together a complete breakdown of the jersey and uniform design.

The jersey has two stripes and is the white and black version of the Patriots uniform.

The pants are the navy blue version and the helmet is the red, white and blue version.

The jersey is also available in a white or black colorway.

The uniform will be made up of five different colors, including black, navy blue, white, and red.

The pants and helmet are made of cotton with a cotton lining.

The jerseys have a navy blue or navy blue/white collar and sleeve cuffs.

The sleeves are a navy and blue.

The jerseys are also available with an embroidered Patriots logo.

The helmet and collar are embroidered.

The shoulder patches are white and white.

The Patriots have the most uniforms of any NFL team, with 11, the second-most of any team, behind only the New York Giants.