The NFL has made it harder for fans to read a name on their jerseys.

The league is calling for all uniform changes to be announced in advance on Thursday and Friday.

The new name is “Maid Uniform,” the league announced Thursday.

It is a simple change that will help fans better understand what the new look is all about.

“In our first three years, we have seen fans across the league embrace the uniform, as it is a part of our identity,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said.

“And it has served as a symbol of pride for generations of fans.

Now, we are calling on fans to embrace the new name, and for our players to embrace it too.”

The league is asking fans to be able to understand that it is changing their jersey numbers, not the jersey numbers themselves.

“Fans will no longer have to go through the name change process, which will be made easier for them to understand,” Goodell said in a release.

“Fans will also have access to the new, simple, easy-to-understand uniform numbering, which is designed to help fans understand the new design.”

Fans will be able see a list of the new names and see what they mean.

The league said it also wants fans to see the name changes in their local market.

The NFL will begin taking pre-orders in all major markets on Thursday, and by Friday fans will be eligible to pick their preferred number.

The new uniform will be available on Friday at NFL stores and online.

The NFL will continue to change the jersey number on jerseys until the 2020 season, which kicks off March 15, 2021.