The new Colts uniform designs are here and the latest edition of TechRadars Colts Uniforms article Here are some quick tips on how to read them.

Colts New Uniforms:The new designs are quite a bit different than the old designs.

The design of the helmets is new and includes new designs of the helmet visors, neck band and shoulder pads.

They are also made out of a new material called Carbon Fiber that has a much more robust and durable feel than the previous materials.

The headwear on the helmets are new.

There is a new visor with a larger brim.

There are also new visors on the back of the jersey, which have an embossed “G” design.

The jersey also has a “G.” design on it.

The Colts jersey has a new crest.

The new jersey is made out with a polyurethane material, which makes it much softer than other previous designs.

Colors:Colors are the new standard for jerseys, with the team using two new colors in each set.

They were released on the Colts website for the first time and are described as “Light Blue with Green accents.”

They are not as bright as the previous Colts jerseys and will not match up with the new colors of the NFL.

Colin Kaepernick has worn a new design of his favorite color.

Colby Anderson is wearing a new jersey with a gold logo on the front and a “Colin” logo on his left chest.

There are a few new helmets, which look quite a lot like the ones used in the Super Bowl.

They have a white helmet with a red helmet stripe, as well as an orange helmet stripe.

They also have new “Skipper” helmets with a new logo on them.

These helmets are made out in a different material than previous designs and have a new “G-Star” logo and “G”-shaped helmet stripe on them instead of the “S-Star.”

The helmet stripe is on the left side and has a different design than the one on the previous designs that are shown below.

There will also be a “S” on the helmet, as the “T” and “R” are gone.

The most noticeable difference is that the new helmets have “B” logo emblazoned on the right side of the back and “K” logo, instead of “G,” on the jersey.

There also are two new helmets with “R-Star,” instead of three.

They will be sold in black and gray, which was previously the team’s color.

The “G Star” helmet design is still available for purchase as well.

The helmets are also available in white, blue, green, and yellow.

They’re available at $130, $135, $140, $150, and $155, respectively.

There is also a $100 discount for all fans who have a game ticket and get their jersey during the game.

The jerseys will be available in the 2018 season at retail stores and online at