India has been marching band uniform uniforms for a day, a day after a police chief ordered them banned for religious reasons.

The move comes after the Hindu Mahasabha chief said the band uniforms would be banned.

On Friday, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had issued a ban on all forms of religious garb, which includes the band, as part of a drive against the alleged misuse of police resources to promote superstition.

In a circular issued on Friday, the minister had directed that all religious outfits be banned from wearing band uniforms.

The circular said the bands should not be worn by members of religious organisations.

The band is a ceremonial garment worn by Hindu Mahasesabha (HML), the countrys largest religious organisation.

The HML has a long history of religious activities, and the organisation has organised many religious festivals, including the Diwali celebrations, that have been marred by the violence of religious groups.

The chief minister had earlier banned the band from wearing the band uniform, saying it would be seen as a violation of the freedom of expression and religion.

The ministry had also issued a directive banning all non-religious bands and religious activities from being held in public places, while the bands were allowed to conduct their religious activities only in their homes.

The Chief Minister had earlier said that the bands would not be allowed to hold the Diwaal, the annual festival in honor of the Goddess Rama, which falls on May 17.

The ban on the band was in response to a police complaint that a HML leader had told a police officer that he would not allow the band to hold Diwala celebrations.

The police officer reportedly told him that the band would not have a place to hold celebrations, so it was a violation.

The minister had on Friday said that he had directed the state police to probe whether a group had been planning to hold a Diwai celebrations at the venue.

The state police have arrested a former HML member who was the ringleader of the band that held the celebrations.