The league’s best uniforms for the 2017-18 season will be announced on Saturday.

Here are the uniforms in order of their importance to the league.1.

Milwaukee Bucks uniformsThe Bucks will wear their alternate uniform on Saturday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers.2.

Washington Wizards uniformsThe Wizards will wear the uniform for Saturday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks.3.

New Orleans Pelicans uniformsThe Pelicans will wear a new look on Saturday against the Houston Rockets.4.

New York Knicks uniformsThe Knicks will wear two new uniforms for Saturday against Miami.5.

Philadelphia 76ers uniformsThe Sixers will wear uniforms for Friday’s game at Miami.6.

New Jersey Nets uniformsThe Nets will wear uniform for Friday night’s game vs. Brooklyn.7.

Orlando Magic uniformsThe Magic will wear an alternate uniform for Thursday night’s home game against Philadelphia.8.

San Antonio Spurs uniformsThe Spurs will wear one uniform for Wednesday’s game with the Indiana Pacers.9.

Golden State Warriors uniformsThe Warriors will wear new uniforms against the Detroit Pistons on Saturday, when they will wear black uniforms.10.

Cleveland Cavaliers uniformsThe Cavaliers will wear alternate uniforms for Thursday’s game in Philadelphia.11.

Atlanta Hawks uniformsThe Hawks will wear all-black uniforms for Monday’s game.12.

Milwaukee Bulls uniformsThe Bulls will wear three uniforms for Wednesday night’s matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks.13.

Cleveland Cavs uniformsThe Cavs will wear jerseys for Thursday against the Philadelphia 76s.14.

Dallas Mavericks uniformsThe Mavericks will wear jersey for Thursday vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves.15.

New Philadelphia 76er uniformsThe 76ers will wear New Jersey uniforms for Tuesday’s game of the first round against the Golden State Warrior.16.

Philadelphia Warriors uniformsDirk Nowitzki is one of the players who will wear different uniforms for different games.17.

Detroit Pistons uniformsThe Pistons will wear white jerseys for Tuesday night’s contest against the Miami Heat.18.

Miami Heat uniformsThe Heat will wear home-and-home series with the Pistons in 2017-2018.19.

Los Angeles Clippers uniformsThe Clippers will wear red uniforms for Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angles Clippers.20.

Washington Capitals uniformsThe Capitals will wear road jerseys for Friday against the Phoenix Coyotes.21.

San Francisco 49ers uniformsWhen the 49ers wear white uniforms for their season opener against the New Orleans Saints, the 49er Nation will take over in the streets of New Orleans.22.

Detroit Lions uniformsThe Lions will wear regular uniforms for tomorrow’s game versus the San Francisco Eagles.23.

Philadelphia Eagles uniformsThe Eagles will wear purple uniforms for tonight’s game over the Dallas Cowboys.24.

Dallas Cowboys uniformsThe Cowboys will wear green uniforms for today’s game on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs.25.

Minnesota Vikings uniformsThe Vikings will wear orange uniforms for next week’s game as they face the New York Jets.26.

Atlanta Falcons uniformsThe Falcons will wear special uniform for Sunday night’s tilt against the Carolina Panthers.27.

Detroit Panthers uniformsThe Panthers will wear blue uniforms for this week’s contest versus the Green Bay Packers.28.

New England Patriots uniformsThe Patriots will wear helmets for tomorrow night’s win over the Miami Dolphins.29.

Philadelphia Flyers uniformsThe Flyers will wear navy uniforms for a game against New York.30.

Cleveland Browns uniformsThe Browns will wear yellow uniforms for an upcoming game against Indianapolis.31.

New Zealand rugby league The All Blacks will wear gold helmets for the game against England on Saturday in Auckland.32.

Atlanta Braves uniformsThe Braves will wear burgundy uniforms for home games against the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees.33.

New Haven Patriots uniformsTom Brady is wearing the new jerseys for the Patriots.34.

Kansas City Royals uniformsThe Royals will wear khaki uniforms for its home opener against New Orleans on Saturday and Sunday.35.

Los Angos Raiders uniformsThe Raiders will wear bright orange uniforms on Sunday against the San Diego Chargers.36.

New Mexico Lobos uniformsThe Lobos will wear dark blue uniforms on Thursday against San Francisco.37.

New Madrid Cowboys uniformsThis is the third year the Cowboys will play in Mexico City.38.

Chicago Bulls uniformsThere are two jerseys for this game versus Houston, as the Bulls will play on Sunday in Chicago.39.

Detroit Tigers uniformsThe Tigers will wear this jersey for Sunday home games vs. Tampa Bay, New Orleans and Baltimore.40.

Atlanta Dream uniformsThe Dream will wear another jersey for Saturday night’s opener against Houston.41.

San Diego Padres uniformsThe Padres will wear alternates uniforms for both Saturday’s games vs Dallas and Atlanta.42.

Miami Dolphins uniformsThe Dolphins will wear full uniforms for games against Cleveland and Tampa Bay.43.

Portland Trail Blazers uniformsThe Blazers will wear camouflage jerseys for home matchups against Washington and New Orleans in 2017.44.

New Hampshire Wildcats uniformsThe Wildcats will wear neutral jerseys for Monday night’s match against the Portland Trail Cats.45.

Toronto Raptors uniformsThe Raptors will wear light jerseys for their road games against Atlanta and Miami.46.

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