Posted March 12, 2020 05:23:07 The new uniforms for NSW Government will be unveiled this week, and the changes will not be as drastic as some in the private sector have suggested.NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the government would be introducing a new uniform to cover the state’s top 20 public service employers and the private companies it employs.

The state is one of the few jurisdictions in the country that has not already changed its uniform in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Berejig said the new uniforms were “the most innovative yet” and would help ensure “every NSW citizen is prepared for a safe and dignified retirement”.

“The new uniforms will be more modern than ever and will not change the colour palette of the NSW Police Force uniform, but they will be tailored to fit NSW Government and the NSW Government of NSW,” Ms Berejiaklian told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday.

“The NSW Government is committed to ensuring that every member of our community, regardless of their profession or gender, has the opportunity to retire with the dignity and respect they deserve.”

She said the changes were to be made in the “spirit and spirit of excellence”.

“These uniforms will enhance the confidence of the public in the public servants they are dealing with, while helping to maintain our public service and public assets and will be a significant step forward in helping our community to remain resilient in the face of this unprecedented and devastating pandemic,” she said.

The NSW Premier said the announcement was a “step in the right direction”.

“This is a step in the direction of more transparency, more openness, more transparency of our organisation, and more transparency for the public,” she told reporters.

The Premier said she hoped the changes would help to “ensure every person can retire with dignity and with the respect that they deserve”.

“I want the uniform to reflect the very best of our public servants and be a symbol of our great State,” she added.

The new uniform will include a new helmet logo and a new white stripe.

Ms Clare said she was proud of the changes, but the Premier said that the NSW State Government had to “take its responsibilities and responsibilities seriously”.

“It’s not a good thing to change the uniforms for the better of the organisation, but it’s also not a bad thing to take it seriously and make it work,” she was quoted as saying by the ABC.

“It takes a lot of leadership and commitment to do that.”‘

We will be making it up as we go along’The NSW State Treasurer and chief executive of the Government of New South Wales, Simon Corbell, said the Government was committed to “keeping the Commonwealth in the loop”.

“In the coming weeks, the Government will have a number of meetings, with many in the industry,” he said.

“We will continue to update our team and our people on our progress.”

He said it would be “very difficult to overstate the significance” of the announcement, given that the state had not made a decision on the uniforms yet.

“They are the very latest in a series of changes that will be introduced by the State Government in the coming days, weeks and months,” he told reporters at Parliament House.

“While we can’t talk about what the plans are yet, we will be doing our best to make sure they are successful, to make them effective and to be in sync with the needs of the people of New England.”

Mr Corbell said the state was “absolutely committed” to keeping the Commonwealth “in the loop” as it prepared for the coronave.

“To the extent possible, we would have to provide more detail to them, but we will keep them in the dark and they will get a better idea of what is happening in our own state, as they will with any of our other states,” he was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald as saying.

The Federal Government has already announced plans to make the change to the uniform a reality.

“I think it’s a good day for our public servant in terms of the uniform,” Opposition Leader Luke Foley said.’

There’s a lot to be proud of’A spokesperson for the NSW Premier’s office said the Premier had been briefed on the new uniform by the Federal Government.

“Given the recent announcements made by the Government, the Premier has been informed of their plans for the new state uniforms, which she will consider when it is appropriate,” the spokesperson said.

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