New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neill announced Wednesday that the NYPD would stop wearing the uniforms that the department’s top brass have been wearing since December 2015.

The NYPD’s uniform has been a controversial topic in the wake of the officer-involved shooting death of Eric Garner last year.

Many people have called for the NYPD to stop wearing uniforms that have become the symbol of the NYPD’s actions.

The move comes after several high-profile cases involving NYPD officers, including a man who died after being pinned against a wall and another who was arrested after he pulled a gun on a cop in Brooklyn.

The decision to stop using the uniforms comes a week after several New York officers were arrested for allegedly trying to rob a convenience store.

The department’s chief spokesman, Paul Browne, said the decision is a result of a change in the way the department operates, and not a change to the uniforms.

He also said that the move will not affect any current police uniforms or equipment, including uniforms for the police canine unit, which was created in 2015.