Ohio State has decided to ditch the red and white uniforms in favor of the gold and blue, but it’s not a good move for the Buckeyes football program.

The Buckeyes are scheduled to have their annual Spring Game in Indianapolis on Saturday and Ohio State is expected to wear the new uniforms, which have a much-improved color scheme and have some more new features, according to multiple reports.

The change is good for the program, but there’s a chance that the uniforms will have more issues than the team will be able to fix.

For one, the gold-and-blue uniforms are designed to look good on the field and on TV, but on the court, they are far too bright.

And the new gold and black look isn’t good for playing in the cold, damp, windy conditions that will be part of the games.

“I think this is probably going to be a distraction for us on game day and obviously the weather will play a big part in that,” Buckeyes defensive end Jarrad Davis said, according the Indianapolis Star.

“And I don’t think that’s a good thing.”

The uniforms were announced on April 25 and were expected to go on sale to the public on May 1.

They were supposed to go into production by the fall, but the Buckeye players and coaches decided to wait.

Ohio State’s uniforms have been worn for decades, but this year, there are some changes that have been made.

The new uniforms were originally scheduled to go out in August but they were delayed until after the season, with the team waiting until November to start wearing them.

Ohio Stadium will be the venue for the 2017 Ohio State football season, but in 2018, the Bucettes will be playing at the new home of the University of Cincinnati.

There is a chance the team could change the venue to Cincinnati Stadium in 2019, but that’s unlikely.

There are other issues.

The Ohio State uniforms have gone through numerous changes and changes in color scheme.

This year, the uniforms have worn a new color scheme, with black instead of blue and gold instead of gold.

There’s also a change to the design of the team crest.

The logo has also changed a few times, but no change to any other details.

The new uniforms aren’t perfect, but they are still a step forward for Ohio State, according a report from The Washington Post.

“This is a great way to honor the history of Ohio State Football,” Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said in a statement.

“We’re going to do our part to bring football back to the Big Ten, and we’re excited to play Ohio State next Saturday.”