NEW YORK – Rutgers University announced on Thursday that it will make the university’s new uniforms in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Education.

The uniforms, which will be available online at and in stores starting on July 13, are part of a university effort to make the uniforms more accessible and more comfortable for students.

The Rutgers school’s new uniform program is a collaboration between the school’s New Jersey Division of Education, Rutgers University, the New York City Department of City Planning, the State of New Jersey and the University of New Brunswick.

The new uniforms will be in the colors of the Rutgers colors, and will feature a combination of black, red, white and blue.

The University will also incorporate a new design, which is similar to the Rutgers color scheme but will be a little more subtle, in the uniforms.

New Jersey’s Office of Education and Community Development (OEDCD) has been working with Rutgers to bring uniformity to the classroom.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in July that the New Brunswick School District will begin using Rutgers uniforms in all of its schools.

New Brunswick officials also are working with the state’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to begin using the uniforms statewide, starting with public schools and high schools in 2018.

The university is also working with a Rutgers-led consortium to create an official uniform for Rutgers students that will be worn in every Rutgers classroom.

Rutgers announced the partnership with New Jersey on Wednesday.

“I’m very proud of the new uniform design that we have developed, which we hope will be embraced by our students, faculty and staff,” said Rutgers President Robert Barchi.

“The Rutgers University community is already proud of its commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive environment for all students.

It is important that we continue to show the world that we are committed to inclusion, respect and inclusion for all of our students and all of the New Yorkers who live and work in the city of New Jerseys.”

Rutgers will also introduce a new Rutgers uniform that will feature “a more subtle color scheme” for Rutgers schools.

Rutgers will debut the new Rutgers-branded uniform on Wednesday at a Rutgers basketball game in New Brunswick, N.J., the first time the school has made the uniforms available online.

Rutgers said it will be able to offer uniform-specific events, such as a basketball game or other events, on campus during the first week of August.