In 2020, the NFL will be wearing new uniforms that are actually pretty impressive.

The NFL will use a total of 10 different uniforms for the 2020 season, with three of those new uniforms coming from the NFL and two from other organizations.

The first of those uniforms, which will be worn in 2018, will feature a uniform that’s been designed to help players with their health issues, as well as an updated version of the old “T” logo that was used before it was replaced with the “E.”

The second new uniform, which is expected to be worn during the 2020 regular season, will be an updated, bolder version of what’s currently worn on the field.

It’s a pretty significant change to what we’ve seen from the league in the past, as this was the first time we had a uniform designed specifically to help with player health issues.

It looks like the new uniforms will also feature some of the most innovative new technologies that have been developed in the league over the past few years.

The most notable of these technologies is the new helmet, which was unveiled earlier this year.

This new helmet features a new visor that covers the helmet, along with new graphics on the side and in the sides of the helmet that highlight how the visor is designed.

There will also be new mesh panels that allow players to change their headgear, as the league did with the traditional helmets.

The most interesting technology that was revealed during the unveiling of the new helmets was a new, more flexible and flexible mesh system that will be used on the new jersey.

The mesh panels will be flexible enough to allow players and teams to adjust the number and placement of the mesh panels in different directions depending on the situation.

The new mesh system also includes an integrated helmet-cushioning system that allows players to wear the helmet without a helmet, as opposed to the traditional system where players wear helmets.

Another innovation that the NFL is using to make the helmets better is an LED strip that will help illuminate the visors and helmet visors.

These LED strips are similar to those that we’ve already seen on the NFL’s uniforms in the 2015 Super Bowl and the 2014 AFC Championship game.

The final new uniform that will not be used will be the “T.”

The team that will wear the “C” in “Cavalry” will be called the New England Patriots.

The team will wear “E” and “T,” respectively.

The new uniforms are set to begin wearing out on Dec. 1.

The updated uniforms have been designed by former NFL and NFLPA executive director Troy Vincent.

Vincent will serve as the uniform designer for the NFL in 2020.