Business Insider UK title Royal Mail will have new uniforms for its staff, including a girl’s uniform article Business Wire (US) title Royal Air Force will get new uniforms to equip their men article BusinessWire UK (UK / US) title UK military is looking at adding new uniforms article Business News (UK)/Business Insider (US / Canada) title Army’s top brass to review female soldiers article BusinessNews UK (US)/BusinessInsider (US)(UK) Title The British Army will consider adding female soldiers to its ranks article BusinessInsider UK (Canada) Title Royal Mail to launch a new uniform design for female postal staff article BusinessInvestment (US, Canada) Title Amazon is launching its own uniform line to counter the “feminist” trend of wearing short skirts in stores.

BusinessInvestor UK (India) Title Indian startup will build a $200 million women-friendly clothing line with women’s clothing and accessories from India.

BusinessInsiders UK (Australia) title India’s biggest clothing manufacturer is developing a new line for female customers.

Business Insider Canada (US | UK) title Walmart has created the first ever women-owned Walmart franchise in India.