President Donald Trump’s first “dirty dozen” of his new uniforms has been criticized as “unnecessarily sloppy,” with one particularly controversial piece making the list.

As the president prepares to address a joint session of Congress next week, he will be making a series of appearances in which he will announce the new uniform designs, as well as introduce a slew of new policies and a slew new initiatives.

The list includes a pair of new black-and-white uniforms that are supposed to be “cleaner than the rest of the bunch.”

The Trump administration has touted the uniform as being the first of its kind to be released to the public.

“It is cleaner than most,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on Twitter.

“We can’t wait to get started.”

While some critics have questioned the quality of the uniforms, the president has not said whether he will wear the uniforms in public.

The president has said he is open to wearing the new uniforms in private.

Sanders tweeted Tuesday morning that the new “Dirty dozen” uniforms “are clean and modern and the best way to celebrate America’s history.”