Watch the full video: The BBC is calling for more women’s rugby union players to wear the colours of their country of birth. 

On Thursday, the Women’s Rugby Union (WRU) unveiled their new uniform, which includes the colours and stripes of Wales, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

The WRU has said that the new uniforms will reflect the diverse backgrounds of the rugby union nations, as well as the many differences between those countries and the UK. 

The new uniforms, which have been produced in partnership with the British and Irish Lions and the England rugby union squad, are expected to be introduced on September 1. 

As part of the WRU’s new look, the women’s scrubs are also made from polyester, with a mesh lining to allow for better ventilation. 

Wales and New Zealand have both produced their own new scrubs, with Wales and England also using a mesh-lined, mesh-front design. 

New Zealand have already released their new uniforms in the past, and Australia’s rugby team have also introduced their own scrubs. 

This is the first time that the WRUs scrubs have been made from a polyester fabric. 

In an interview with BBC Sport, WRU general manager for sport, Kate Jones said the design of the new scrub is “really a reflection of the people who wear the scrubs and how they’ve got their heritage”. 

She said that Wales’ team of women have also adopted a similar design, and added: “It’s a reflection, of course, of the colours we’ve been playing and the people we’ve got on our team, and it’s a lot more inclusive than what’s been done before.”

The WRUs women’s team have been a key factor in the Rugby World Cup this year, as they defeated Argentina in the quarter-finals and defeated Australia in the final. 

Australia are currently the defending World Cup champions and will be the only team to take part in this year’s event.