Google is launching a new program that lets people wear the school uniform of their choice in the hope of making a difference.

Google is also rolling out new uniforms in schools across India.

Google India will launch a new uniform program called “Cintas” in schools on February 2nd.

It is part of a larger effort to change attitudes towards uniformity, which is seen as one of the main drivers of the nation’s high rates of child unemployment.

Google India has already started a pilot program for its Indian schools.

It will let students wear cintias uniforms as part of the “CINTAS” initiative.

The program is an attempt to break down stereotypes about school uniforms and how they are used in India, according to Google India.

The goal is to educate and engage the youth in making meaningful changes in their everyday lives.

The new uniforms will be a part of an ongoing pilot program at various campuses in Mumbai and other Indian cities.

We’re also working with partners to create new cinta uniforms for schools, which are made of different materials, to ensure uniformity and ensure the children feel confident in the uniforms they wear.

This is a new and innovative way to create an impact for the children of India.

Google has also been experimenting with how to help children learn to do their homework in the cintia uniform.

In the past, we have partnered with schools to provide free books to children, which was a huge success, but now we are going to partner with schools and provide them with free cintos as well.