The United States military’s decision to release its uniform choices for the next five years is a bit of a mystery, but there are some clues.

For starters, it appears the US Army will not be releasing a new uniform design.

Instead, the US Marine Corps will be getting the green light to release their uniforms in 2019.

But why did the US Navy want to delay the release of the uniforms? 

“Because we need to go through an extensive process to get the new uniforms approved,” Marine Corps Vice Adm.

Gary Zabel said at the time. 

“And that process is not going to be complete for at least a year.

So we will be using that process to make sure that we have the uniform that is appropriate for the military and that is suitable for the mission.”

 The Navy’s new uniform choices, however, are quite similar to what the US Air Force has been doing for the past couple of years.

As of now, the Air Force’s uniforms are the most popular with the public, with a total of 3.4 million people buying their uniforms, according to the Military Times.

The Air Force, meanwhile, released its new uniform selection for 2019 on Tuesday.

“Our goal is to be as authentic and as authentic as possible,” Rear Adm of the Air National Guard Scott Brown told the Times.

“And we’re going to go beyond the traditional look of the uniform, to have a more modern look and look that is as authentic, but that is also appropriate for our mission.” 

The Air Force is one of the only major US military branches to be making uniform choices this early in the process.

The Marine Corps has released their new uniform selections for 2019. 

The US Army has not released a uniform for at last five years, according the Pentagon, with no new designs scheduled for the 2020s. 

So the new uniform designs are not going into effect until 2021, which is the same as the current uniform cycle.

The US Navy has yet to make a decision, but the Marines will be making their first uniform choices in 2019, which are similar to the Air Forces. 

Why did the Marines decide to delay releasing the uniforms for at most a year? 

The answer may lie in a change in the Marine Corps’s overall mission, which was recently announced.

For starters, the Marine Forces Command will no longer be sending the same uniform designs to all units.

Instead they will be sending different uniforms for each unit.

This means the Marines’ uniforms will be made from different materials than what was used before, and there will be less color contrast in the uniforms.

The new uniforms will also have slightly different design elements, with the most notable change being a change from white to a lighter green color.

In addition, the Marines also have decided to move away from the traditional Marine infantry uniform, which has always been made of a brown and black color scheme.

The Army will be moving away from its traditional infantry uniform in 2019 and will be releasing its new uniforms in 2020.

There are other differences between the Marine uniforms and the Air forces’ uniforms, as well.

The US Marine infantry will have a new logo and a new insignia.

The Marines’ helmet will be lighter and less padded, and the Marines are making sure their uniforms are not too tight and too thin.

All of these changes will mean that the US Marines will have to go back and revise their uniform choices before they are ready for release, but it’s likely that the Marine infantry and the Marine uniform will still be on the market by then.

What are the differences between each of the US uniform designs? 

In the Marine’s new design, the stripes are black instead of blue.

This allows the Navy to match their uniforms to their actual uniforms, which can be tricky when the Navy is using different materials. 

In addition to the changes to the uniform colors, the Army will also be moving from the classic Army uniform to the more modern Marine Corps uniform, with darker stripes and lighter pants.

The Navy’s uniform will also get a new design element, a new helmet, and a slight change to the design of the shoulder patches. 

These changes will likely come into effect before the end of the year, but not until 2020. 

What will the Army look like in 2020? 

With all the changes, the Navy’s Army uniform will be the most authentic of the new Army uniform designs, according To Kill A Mockingbird. 

This may not seem like a huge deal for most of us, but for some soldiers, the changes may make them uncomfortable.

According to The Atlantic, the uniform will look “a little like a little bit of the Army from the movie,” in which Captain Abercrombie is shown wearing a navy uniform. 

If you’re an Army member, this may not be a big deal for you, but if