Uniforms are one of the most basic elements of a good uniform.

The first rule is always look good.

The second rule is to wear the same uniform all the time.

The third rule is that if you have to wear a different uniform, wear it the right way.

And the fourth rule is: If you want to get a better look, wear the uniform that you have.

The Uniforms swat uniform, unveiled Thursday by the Department of Public Safety, is the latest in a series of innovations by the department, which has a history of working with local agencies to get their uniforms right.

The new swat uniforms were inspired by the swat response teams that are part of the Department’s SWAT response team.

They are not the first newswat uniforms the department has unveiled.

In August, the department announced that it was bringing back the swatter uniform, which is similar to the swats used by the San Diego SWAT teams.

That uniform was worn by the city’s SWAT teams and other law enforcement agencies in the wake of the deadly San Bernardino shootings.