It’s a bit of a departure for a fast-casual chain that has had its eye on the female demographic for some time.

Last month, it launched the first of three new uniforms for girls, the Chipotle Ultra Classic and the new Nike Boost.

But the new uniforms aren’t just any old Nike, they’re a completely new design for girls.

They’re more feminine than the current version, but more feminine and modern than the ones we’ve seen before.

They feature all sorts of new features and color combinations.

These are the new girls uniforms, designed by a women’s clothing company that’s based in the Pacific Northwest.

The company, called Glamorous Glam, is part of the Nike Group. 

The new uniforms are available to order starting at $129, plus tax and shipping.

They come in sizes 12-16 and feature a high waist, medium hips, a short waist, and a slim fit. 

Glamorous is part-owned by the Nike company. 

The new uniforms were created by a company called Glim, which is part owned by the US apparel giant.

Nike is the parent company of Glim. 

For the Ultra Classic, Glim made the cut, using a high-quality, natural cotton material.

The fabric was a shade of brown with an orange-and-black-striped look.

For the Boost, the color was a lighter, pink-and white color with a metallic finish.

Glim is based in Portland, Oregon.

The new Nike uniforms will go on sale on February 6.