Updated August 16, 2019 10:00am PDT Star Trek fans are still waiting for a new Star Trek Uniform to be released, and they’re still wondering what exactly the new look is.

The answer to that question, according to Fox Sports, is that it will be different from the current design.

The new look, however, will be very similar to the current one.

“It’s all about getting the look right, but we’re looking at a lot of different options that could be a good fit for some of the existing Star Trek uniforms,” Fox Sports Senior Producer Scott O’Donnell told Fox Sports.

The reason that Fox Sports doesn’t say anything more is because, according the company, the Star Wars and Star Trek logos are still being used in the new uniforms.

There’s no indication yet as to when the new design will be released.

Star Trek: The Next Generation has always been a fan favorite, and the new Star Wars uniforms could be another step towards the franchise’s return.

The New Trek Uniform: The latest Star Trek looks are going to be very different from those from the original series.

Here’s what’s new for the new version of the Star Fleet uniforms, which are going up in 2019: The uniform has been given a much more traditional design.

It’s no longer a full-length, full-face helmet with the new full-body design, but instead a simplified helmet with three sides.

The helmet is now designed to be worn on the head.

The shoulders are also narrower and more vertical than they were on the original Star Trek and are no longer full-sized.

The headband is no more, but rather a much smaller, slightly wider version of a traditional “tattoo” band.

The sleeves have been completely eliminated and the chest vents are now attached directly to the helmet’s collar.

This is probably the most dramatic change.

There are no new details in the uniforms.

The full-bodied helmet looks a lot like the Star Destroyer, but with a lot more room for customization.

You can customize the headband with a custom Star Trek insignia or any other Starfleet insignia.

It also comes with a more formal-looking helmet that is the same as the old Star Trek helmet.

You’ll need to buy the full-size, full face, full helmet helmet, and it will also come with the standard collar, sleeves, and chest vents.

The collar is now made from a more sturdy material and the sleeves are now adjustable, so you can choose between having them tucked under your arm or hanging off your collar.

If you want to customize the neckline a bit more, you can also opt for a custom-designed, more tailored neckline that will give you a more tailored look.

The back is now a flat-bottomed version of that on the old design.

A new design for the collar is also being added to the back of the helmet.

This design has been designed with a slightly wider shape that gives you room to adjust the collar.

It will also be much easier to adjust your helmet’s vents and sleeve cuff.

The neck vents are still attached to the neck and are not attached to anything.

The sleeve cuff is now attached to your helmet, but you can change it back to an attached cuff by using the back collar sleeve.

This version of collar will also not come with any other new details, such as the new Starfleet insignias or other special effects.

This uniform is available now through Fox Sports for $99.95 and is available for pre-order on the company’s website.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: This is the first new Star Force uniforms to be officially announced for 2019, and while the uniform changes may be similar to those from The Clone Saga, it’s not a completely new design.

This new design is a lot closer to the original design than the previous ones, and will also likely come with a slight redesign of the necklines.

The shoulder pads will be completely redesigned and there will be a few adjustments to the chest area.

The chest vents will also get a bit of a redesign.

“There are a lot things you can do,” O’Connell said of the new redesign.

There will be more detail on the neck, shoulders, chest vents, and sleeves in this redesign.

This redesign will also give you more customization options.

This helmet will be the most detailed redesign yet.

The helmets will also have a slightly different collar and sleeve design.

You will need to go to FoxSports.com to buy this new design, and FoxSports also said that there will also more customization available for this helmet.

It can also be pre-ordered on the site.