Posted September 30, 2018 09:10:10Falcons fans will have to wait until the end of the season to get their first look at the new uniform they will wear this season.

But don’t worry if you’re not in a hurry, as the NFL is holding a special pregame ceremony at the Georgia Dome on Saturday night, September 28, for fans to get ready for the game.

“We have been in the planning phase of the Falcons uniforms for some time,” Atlanta Falcons vice president of marketing, business, and government affairs, Tom Gabel, told in an email.

“We had to make adjustments to the uniforms based on the availability of uniforms at the time.”

Gabel did not give a specific date for the event.

In a statement released Thursday, the NFL said it would not have a time to announce the event and that it is open to “any ideas and suggestions from fans.”

The Falcons will wear a “unique, highly personalized look” in the new uniforms, the league said.

“The look will be made by our Atlanta Falcons and it will be designed and designed, and I’ll be proud to say that it will look just like our uniforms,” Gabel said.

“The Falcons have been very loyal to their uniforms, so the uniforms are going to look just as good as they do.”

The Atlanta Falcons have had a few different uniforms over the years.

In 2014, the team wore the black uniforms with gold piping, which featured a red collar and white piping.

The next year, the Falcons wore white, with gold and silver piping, and the last season, the franchise adopted a black uniform with a white collar and gold piping.

In 2016, the organization wore a white-colored, black-and-gold-striped uniform with silver piping.

Last season, Atlanta wore its white-and gold-stripes uniform with gold-and silver piping and a black-colored collar and silver-and red-and white-striping.

The Falcons were the only NFL team to wear a white and gold-colored uniform in 2016.

Gabel said the Falcons have not decided whether to keep their previous white- and gold uniforms or to use the new black uniform.

The Atlanta Falcons were among the first NFL teams to wear black uniforms.

“I’m very excited for our fans to experience the new look,” Gabb said.

The Falcons are scheduled to play their first preseason game at the Tennessee Titans on Thursday, September 30.