A federal judge has given a green light to the federal government to issue the new uniform for the federal police officers who will wear it next year.

The Justice Department has argued that the police uniforms, which are made of polyester and wool, should be uniform, as they are used by police departments in other countries.

The federal government has argued they are not uniform.

The Justice Department said the police officers in New Jersey were not wearing the uniforms because they were not federally licensed, but the federal judge said that wasn’t the case.

The uniform is being issued by the department in coordination with the FBI.

The judges ruling means that the federal courts will no longer be able to stop the Justice Department from issuing the uniforms and the FBI from using them. 

The judge said he didn’t see any reason for the government to stop using the uniforms, and he said the FBI was not going to use them unless the federal court issued a finding that they were inappropriate. 

“The FBI has made a persuasive case that the FBI uniform is not uniform,” said U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder. 

In a letter sent Thursday, the Justice Dept. said it was reviewing the decision and would consider the order, which is expected to be issued on Friday. 

Schroeder also asked the Justice to give the FBI 30 days to provide a more detailed description of how the uniform is constructed and how it fits the body.

Schroder said the new police uniform will be worn by officers in about 20 states, including New Jersey, but it’s unclear how many officers will wear the new uniforms next year, since it will be up to the police department where they work. 

Some of the police departments, including some in California, are planning to wear the uniforms with the exception of New York City. 

Police in New York have not yet had to wear their uniforms, although some officers there have worn them to work and for recreation. 

More than 1,100 officers will be wearing the new Police Uniform in 2016, and more than 100 have already worn them.