Browns fans have a new choice in uniforms: Cleveland uniforms.

The Cleveland Browns have been a dominant force in the league over the past decade, and while there have been some ups and downs, the team is still a perennial Super Bowl contender.

Browns fans may have had some success with their team’s jerseys, which have a distinctive look to them and a cool effect on the crowd.

Browns team logos and team nicknames have been used on jerseys throughout the team’s history, but the uniforms will be different.

The Browns have the same logo on their jerseys as they do their jerseys from other teams.

The team will also use the same number on their jersey and number plates.

The new uniforms for the Browns will be worn during a home game against the Miami Dolphins on Sept. 10.

Browns home jerseys will feature a white strip running down the center of the jersey and an orange stripe on the right sleeve.

The home jersey is also available in black.

The road jersey will feature white and orange strips running down both sides of the front and back.

The jerseys will have the word “Browns” printed on the front.

The colors of the uniforms are navy blue, white, gold and gold-silver.

The uniforms are scheduled to debut on Sept 9 against the Dolphins.

Browns players will wear white uniforms during the game, but it’s unclear if they will wear blue or white uniforms.

Browns offensive tackle Corey Linsley said it will be up to the team to decide if they’ll wear the same uniforms or if they should change the color of the jerseys.

“You never know until the season starts.

You’ll see, right?

I’m sure they’ll see what they want to do.

If they decide to change it, we’ll go from there,” Linsly said.

The teams will also wear different logos on their helmets.

Browns head coach Mike Pettine has said that they’ll not be wearing the same team logo as other teams because the Browns are not affiliated with the NFL.

Cleveland’s uniforms will likely feature a “C” in the middle of the collar.

The “C.” is in reference to the Cleveland Browns, and it will also be used on the helmets.

A Browns logo will also appear on the shoulder pads of the helmet.

The Nike uniforms for Cleveland will be available in the fall.