By now, the scruffy-suited men and women who populate the streets of the Indian capital are in the habit of wearing them in public, even if it’s for a day only.

 But what if you’re looking for something a bit more casual?

 Would you prefer a more casual outfit, or would you prefer to have a few more choices?

The answer to that question is a little less straightforward than it seems.

If you’ve never tried the new scruff suit, or if you want to find out for yourself, the answers are a little more complicated.

There’s the standard Scrub Suits from Adidas and Nike that you can get at the shops.

However, these have a lot of stretch and are not particularly stylish.

You can also get the Scrub Pants, which are designed to be worn under a suit jacket, with a small waistband.

These are less flashy than the regular Scrub Ones, but they are more comfortable and can be worn with the suit jacket.

Then there’s the new Scarf Suit.

The Scarf Suits are very similar to the Scarf Ones, and have a slightly more streamlined silhouette.

While they don’t have a waistband, they have a small, tapered waistband that gives you a bit of room to wear it under the jacket, and it’s a little wider than the Scarfs.

Also, the Scarfbats are more suitable for men than women, so if you don’t mind being a bit shorter, then these may be for you.

But what about for the ladies?

If we were to ask you, what would you choose?

A Scarf Pant?

Or maybe you want a Scarf Shirt?

What do you think?

Are you happy with the newscruff suit?