The Mha uniform is a military version of the Army’s football uniform.

It is also used by many other services.

The Army has long promoted the MHA uniform for its more versatile uniform for both men and women.

The Mha is worn by the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

It is also worn by members of the Peace Corps and other civilian organizations.

The Military Times reports the MH is “designed to provide a seamless transition from the traditional Army uniform to a more flexible alternative for men and woman in the field.”

The Army also offers its own uniforms in different styles and colors.

For instance, the Army has a green, brown, black, yellow, red and white Mha.

A military spokesperson told The Associated Press the Mh is not currently available for sale.

The army also offers an MHA for women that comes with a wide variety of features.

The navy Mha comes with “long sleeve, collar-less button-down shirt, wide belt loops, and long sleeves,” the Army said.

The Marine Corps has a blue Mha, while the Air Force has a gray Mha and a white MHA.

The Air Force is currently offering a gray, brown and blue MHA that is designed for men.

The Navy has a grey Mha that is for women.