With the NBA All-Star Game in Toronto this weekend, fans are hoping for a return to the NBA’s classic uniform lineup.

While the league has not officially announced the new uniforms, the trend has been on the rise.

The NBA is known for their bold designs and colors, but there are also some that are just plain bold.

For instance, the league unveiled their new uniforms this past January with a design that is almost a caricature of the classic NBA uniform.

The league’s most iconic players have all worn the uniform, with Kevin Durant wearing the orange and blue, Carmelo Anthony wearing the white and red, and Kyrie Irving the gold.

The uniforms have also gone down well with fans, with many calling them the best in the NBA.

The uniform has been a favorite for NBA fans since its inception in 1979, when the league released its uniforms for the first time.

The designs, with the color scheme and design of the uniforms, have stuck with fans for decades.

According to NBA.com, the average NBA fan is expected to wear 12,500 to 15,000 uniform patches a year, making them the most popular uniform in the league.

The game of basketball is played in 30 different countries, but the NBA has traditionally had a soft spot for home-court advantage.

Fans can wear their favorite jerseys and team apparel from the NBA Store or NBA Shop on the court to support their team and to help get home-town fans excited for the All-star game.

According the NBA, the uniforms sold to fans at the event were made in the United States.

Fans can also buy their favorite uniforms at the NBA Shop and NBA Store locations around the league, as well as on the NBA GameDay App.