In this week’s edition of our annual ranking of the hottest sports teams in Ireland, the Seahawks and the Chargers are in contention for the title.

Both clubs will have the chance to be crowned in the opening round of the Six Nations on June 25.

Last year, the two sides had an intriguing battle at the top of the table.

The Seahawk were the reigning champions and a big part of their success was the combination of the high quality of their young players and the quality of the young coaching staff.

Their squad featured the likes of Kieran Read, Kieran Marmion, Paul Vaughan, Ryan Crotty, Ryan Jones, Conor Murray and Liam Gill.

The Chargers had a strong squad in their ranks and a strong coaching staff, but they were the better team overall and won their first Six Nations title in 2013.

The next round of competition was a tough one.

Both teams had to play against each other in their first three games.

The Seahawks won by a single point and the teams ended up meeting in the quarter-finals.

The Chargers went on to win the championship in 2016 and were rewarded with a spot in the Champions Cup, which Ireland will compete in.

They have had some great performances during this series.

The team is ranked No.2 in the world in points per game, but are still missing their starting centre and are currently fifth in the rankings.

They have also conceded the most points in the competition, ranking fourth in the Six-Teams.