Seattle, Washington (AP) The Seattle Seahawks are wearing a uniform circular-motion version of the NFL’s circular-horns logo.

The logo has become a standard in the league this season, with teams sporting similar-looking uniforms on road trips.

The uniform circularity was first noticed by Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman on Tuesday.

Freeman tweeted the image, which is the first of three images the team has used to promote the uniform, with the caption: “The NFL has announced a uniform with circular motion for the road this season.”

The NFL did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The logo, which debuted in the 2000s, was created by Nike, which first unveiled the circular-head logo in 2001.

The logo was redesigned by Nike in 2013, which replaced the familiar circle-headed circle logo with a vertical line.

Last year, the Seattle Seahawks used the same uniform circular head design as the Oakland Raiders, but the Raiders did not wear it on the team’s road trip.

Earlier this month, the Raiders said they were using the uniform circular logo in its home opener against the Indianapolis Colts.

According to, the NFL and NFL Players Association are working on a unified uniform circular design for next season.

On Thursday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league is working on uniform circular logos for all teams.