The Cowboys have released a statement about the uniform changes they made to their team’s jersey design.

It includes a couple of new uniforms, the most important of which is the Cowboys uniform.

The team announced last week that they were removing the collar on the jerseys.

That’s not a new change.

But the collar has been an issue for years, and it was especially prominent during the 2013 season when the Cowboys had a rough time keeping the collar down.

In the new design, the collar is now gone, and the jersey now has a more relaxed look.

The Cowboys are hoping that the collar will help the team win more games and attract fans.

The team also wants to create more opportunities for players to wear different jerseys.

The other new uniform is the one that was announced last month.

The Cowboys announced a new helmet with a new faceplate.

The helmet looks similar to the one they introduced last year, but the faceplate looks different.

The faceplate on the new helmet looks like the one we saw in the video of the helmet.

The helmets and faceplates have the same faceplates.

The only thing that changed was the color of the faceplates, which was changed to white.

The new faceplates were released in early September and will be available to all players in the team’s home game against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

The changes also include some minor adjustments.

The jersey now comes with a little white stripe that goes across the front of the jersey, not a red one.

This is a little different from the design of the last two jerseys the Cowboys released in 2017.

The stripes are different on both jerseys.