The American Athletic Conference is in the middle of a controversy over the uniforms it wears to showcase its schools.

In the wake of a new policy restricting non-participation in cheerleading competitions, the AAC is changing the uniforms to highlight its athletic programs.

The move comes in response to criticism that the uniforms are too similar to those worn by the NCAA and other sports leagues.

The policy is not new, and it was first enacted in 2016.

The change is the latest in a long line of changes the AAS has made over the years to the way it shows its schools and athletes.

Critics say it shows that the AAST doesn’t want cheerleading to become a major sport, and has instead made it a showcase for the sport of gymnastics.

“The way it’s structured, it makes it seem like the sport is being promoted in a negative way, but the reality is it’s not,” said Kyle Lohman, the former director of operations for the NCAA.

“It’s being promoted for what it is, and the athletic program.”

Under the new rules, cheerleaders and other non-athletic participants are limited to one uniform per school.

In addition, they must wear their uniforms with a belt that covers their hips and shoulders.

They also must wear shoulder pads and be able to stand for up to 15 minutes without assistance.

The new rules also allow students to wear uniforms without a belt or shoulder pads, but must be in line with the rest of their uniforms.

The new uniforms are designed to show the variety of sports and activities offered by the AA, which will be represented in a variety of ways.

But it also serves as a stark reminder of the high expectations that the athletic programs have for their athletes, said Mike Wiedefeld, the director of communications for the AAP.

“We think that the way they’re presenting cheerleading, and what it looks like on the field, is a reminder to fans, to the parents, and to the student-athletes that the sports they’re playing are important and important to the community,” Wiedefell said.

“It’s just an opportunity for people to take a look at what the sports are all about.”

The AAC said it will not be wearing any other sports uniforms until the policy is fully in place.

The NCAA will not release uniform designs until the AACP and AAS have worked out the details.

“In the interim, we’ll be using a variety to showcase our athletic programs, which are all great,” said AAC Commissioner Matt Hocutt.

“What’s important is that we are continuing to showcase the AACA and the AAA.”

Hocutt and Hocutting said the AAF is not changing the way the AAT does its sports promotions, but they are changing how the schools represent the AACC.

Hocutt said the NCAA will continue to promote the sport, but only as part of the NCAA’s overall sports marketing efforts.HOCUTT said the schools will not wear other sports jerseys, including the Nike jerseys.

“There are some really good Nike jerseys out there, and we’ve been working with them on that, but our focus is going to be on the AOA,” he said.

The NCAA is also not releasing other uniforms, including jerseys from the ACC and Big 12.