Kakegurulis uniform is pretty bad.

I like the design and overall design is a bit more modern and modern-ish than most of the uniform.

It doesn’t have the same look as the KAKAKUIS uniform, however.

They both look like the same old uniform with different details and colors.

There are two major differences between the uniforms.

The first is the design.

This is the main design difference between the two uniforms.

This is the actual kakeurui logo that I found on the kakakumis website.

When I first saw the logo I thought it was a placeholder and that the logo would not be featured in the uniforms, but then I noticed that it was the exact same design that was on the website.

I thought maybe the design wasn’t on the uniform and was the logo.

Second, there are some minor design differences.

For example, the design of the back of the pants and the back pockets.

Another minor design difference is the color of the uniforms socks.

In KAKALUIS uniforms they are grey and white.

In the Kakeguruis uniform they are white and black.

Now that I’ve seen the uniforms I can see why the design is terrible.

To be fair, the kakes uniform was made in China so I have to say it is better quality than the KAGAKUis uniforms.

However, the uniform design in general isn’t good.

And I’m not saying that the uniforms are bad, I’m just saying that they are not very good.