We’re all familiar with the weird uniform design in the NFL, but the team uniforms in the National Football League (NFL) are still a little weird.

The uniforms have a lot of weird symbols, and the uniforms are designed with a lot more vertical spacing than you’d expect.

But even more weird is the way the players are dressed.

The NFL uniforms have many different styles, from the classic blue and gold to the darker and more black and gold.

Each player’s uniform is made with different materials, which can make them look very different depending on the player.

Here’s a look at some of the weirdest uniforms in NFL history.1.

1970’s Oakland Raiders uniforms. 

The Oakland Raiders are the only team in NFL to use a uniform style similar to the Green Bay Packers. 

Oakland Raiders uniforms were designed by Ralph Wilson, a designer who has designed the team’s uniforms for the New York Giants, New England Patriots, and New York Jets.

Wilson has designed NFL uniforms for over 30 years.

Wilson’s designs are considered to be among the most beautiful in the league.

The team’s colors are black and white, and a bright yellow helmet and helmet stripe are part of the uniform. 

Wilson’s designs have been used on every team in the modern era, but their use on the Raiders was unusual.

The only other team to use Wilson’s Raiders uniforms is the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Oakland Raiders were also the only NFL team to wear green helmets, while the Green and Gold colors were also used on the Oakland Raiders jerseys.2.

1970s New York Patriots uniforms.

The New York Yankees are the current incarnation of the New England Revolution, which won the World Series in 1971. 

In addition to their uniform design, the Yankees also use a lot different colors in their uniform, including bright orange and purple, which are a common color for the modern NFL. 

Like the Raiders, the Patriots also used a lot black and blue helmets and stripes, but they had a different design.

The Yankees uniforms have been worn by the team since 1970. 

While they have worn their original uniforms for decades, the team changed the colors of their uniforms after the 1995 season.

The teams first uniform was a darker green and black with a yellow stripe, and then in 1998, the players were given black helmets and striped stripes. 

As the team was on the rise, it was a little surprising to see that the players wore their jerseys in black and black stripes, as they had worn black helmets on their previous uniforms.3.

1970 New York Bills uniforms.

Bills fans have a long history of wearing strange jerseys. 

New York Jets fans have worn the same orange helmets for decades. 

During the 1960s, the Jets wore purple helmets and a dark yellow stripe that was a part of their jerseys.

Since that time, the New Jersey Devils have also worn purple helmets.

But the team has worn a new helmet design this year that features a darker orange and a black stripe. 

Bills players also wear their jerseys with orange and black helmets.

The orange helmet and orange stripe are the same color, but a dark orange helmet stripe has been added to the back of the jersey.4.

1970 Kansas City Chiefs uniforms.KFC has been making its logo and uniforms for a long time. 

Kansas City Chiefs fans are known for their crazy, outlandish and outlandish designs.

They’ve been seen wearing hats, colorful shirts and even masks in the past.

But their most infamous design, a helmet that has a helmet and a stripe, has always been a part the team. 

KFC is known for its bizarre and crazy designs, including their helmets, which often feature a skull and a blue and black strip that appears to be the team logo.

The Chiefs uniforms have never had a helmet with the team emblem on it, and many fans have been confused about the origin of the skull and stripe design.5.

1970 Denver Broncos uniforms.

If you’ve ever visited the Mile High City, you’ve probably seen the Broncos jerseys.

The jerseys feature a bright orange helmet with an orange stripe.

There’s also a helmet strip with a skull on it. 

When it comes to helmets, the Denver Broncos are known as the helmets of the future. 

There are currently four helmets that feature the logo on the back. 

Broncos players wear their helmet with orange, yellow, black and red stripes, while running backs wear their helmets with orange with black and green stripes.

In 2017, the Broncos changed the color of their helmets to a darker, more green and white color. 


1970 Detroit Lions uniforms.

When the Detroit Lions went to the NFL in 1970, they also had their first uniform design. 

It’s one of the most unusual uniforms in league history. 

Detroit Lions uniforms have gone through several different designs, from different shades of green to a blue-and-black jersey. 

One of the biggest changes from the 1970