The first batch of WW1 uniform sets are now available for purchase, with many of the old-school patterns being made available for the first time.

Some of the patterns are not available on the official WW1 WWI website, so it’s possible some are still unavailable.

You can also purchase the new, much more detailed uniform sets, which include a new coat of arms and some additional details, including the number and location of the regiment, and the regiment’s badge.

The new uniform sets will be available for $30 each, and are available at the official site.

They are a good buy considering that they have a lot of detail and detail is what counts when it comes to the WWII era.

In addition, the uniforms will also come with a pair of WWI helmets that will be in the set, so you can wear one to any WWI WWI event.

All the details on the uniforms can be found here.